Project Template Placeholders

On Mac’s, Scrivener gets its information for project template placeholders from the Address Book. I’ve seen forum threads discussing where Scrivener should get this information on Windows systems. But I’m having a bit of trouble even on a Mac.

Because I work out of two offices, I do not have an entry for “work” in my Address Book. (Maybe this wouldn’t matter anyway.) Instead, I have entries for “home,” “city of office 1,” and “city of office 2.” (Names have been changed for privacy.)

When I use template place holders, Scrivener uses the information for my home. Even if I didn’t work out of two offices, I’d sometimes want Scrivener to use my work information and other times, my home information. In actuality, I’d like to select among the three locations: home, “city of office 1,” and “city of office 2.” Is there any way to accomplish this?

I realize one can do this all manually. But I like the idea of dynamically filling in the information. This way if one has, say, a dozen templates and then moves to a new office address, the templates will all be made correct and consistent just by updating the information in the Address Book. So does Scrivener provide a way to select among multiple addresses in the Address Book?


I’m afraid not, no. That would take a lot of extra interface to achieve that - there would need to be an extra prompt before the project was created, which for most cases would be annoying. From a coding perspective it’s also a lot more difficult to get to the other records from the Address Book API (at least from what I can see in the documentation). So unfortunately the only way is, as you say, to create a project template with what you need, but as you also say, that wouldn’t be dynamic.

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