Project text style change

I’m not sure why (thought I set things up correctly) but my project is all in the wrong text font, unless I select all the text in each ‘chapter’ and change it manually.

Usually what I do it put a bit of fake text in each new ‘chapter’ so that I know where I want to start typing. So my first few written chapters are in the font I want because I manually changed the font to the one I want (to Century Schoolbook).

The following ‘chapters’ with the fake text is in another font (I’m sure I set up that font as a style at one point). I’d like to universally change text fonts for the whole manuscript. How do I do that?


Select the documents, then Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style (as set in Preferences > Text Editing).


Thanks, H.

I tried your suggestion with a new test project and it worked. Before I converted to ‘default’, it give me a warning box that I might lose some stuff. Any idea what I lose? Italicized words for example? Paragraph indents? I haven’t written enough to make it a disaster but would like to know before I hit the button, y’know.

I think you should be OK with Century Schoolbook. I think the point is that if you set your text to a font that doesn’t have italic and bold variants, Monaco for instance, you will lose those features in any words that you have typed in italic or bold.

Another possibility is if you have included words or strings in a different font from the main font — for instance I sometimes use a phonetic font — then that too is going to be changed to your new default.

And if you use mixed Roman and CKJ fonts, like I do, you can’t specify exactly which font is to be used for the secondary font and that can cause problems — I tend to go through the text after doing the <> to set the Chinese font I want … some Roman fonts automatically use a Japanese font as the secondary font, and they don’t have all the simplified Chinese characters, so it uses yet another font for those. <bleurgh!>

But if you’re not concerned with either of the latter cases, you shouldn’t lose anything.


Sorry, jennifer, I missed your reply to my reply - but I think Mark has said it all.