Project title & full name meta data?

For the life of me, I can’t figure out where to edit the project title and my full name - basically the project properties. I’m using Anthony Johnston’s comics template and it’s referring to a menu that has moved somewhere else (Project > Meta-Data Settings… > Project Properties). I tried searching the PDF to no avail, same with searching the menus.

It’s now available via the compile window. The right-side pane has a few icons near the top, one of which leads you to author, abbreviated title, and full title fields.

You can also get to the author info in Options->General->Author Information

THANK YOU! I totally overlooked those icons when I checked the Compile multiple times. It already had my first & last name, which I’m guessing from Options > General > Author Information?

That seems about right (I don’t have access to the windows beta at the moment). The Options setting is for setting the Scrivener default for all projects, whereas the compile setting is for that specific project, overriding the application’s default.

Note that if you have one or more title pages, you can use the scrivener “placeholder tags” instead of just typing out the author and title information on those pages. That way, a change in application’s default, or the specific project’s overridden values is automatically reflected wherever you want them placed in your project.

Yeah, if you don’t put anything in the compile metadata yourself, that information will be pulled from whatever is provided under General > Author Information. Barring that, it’ll draw from your system user name.