Project will not backup

When I try to backup my project, I get an error that reads:
Could not create file: All

Could not create file at:

Then a window opens that says creating back up, but it gets stuck at 40%.

I’m using version
I don’t have any third party firewall/ antivirus.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Hello jbertles, and welcome to the forum.

The first thing I’d suggest trying is to go to File > Back Up > Back Up To… and select your PC’s Desktop as the save location for this backup. In that panel that opens, you might try unchecking the “Back up as ZIP file” box.

I’m suggesting that because the backup hanging at 40% suggests that either your project is very large or that your PC’s file-compression tools might be flawed.

Backing up a copy of your project to your Desktop will help confirm that a backup is possible at all. And, unticking that box will have Scrivener save your backup as an uncompressed file.

If that works, then you can consider changing your Scrivener backup settings so that it no longer compresses its automatic backups. Or–and this is likely the better choice–you can look for a new program like 7Zip or WinZip to install so that compressed backups might still work.

If Scrivener cannot create an unzipped backup to your Desktop, then we can discuss some additional options here. Or, you could consider submitting a help request via either the form or the email links on our contact us page.

Hey Ruth,

Thanks for the quick reply! I tried what you suggested and got the same error message with the new location indicated. I’d be happy to get responses here, but if it’s better to fill out a help request, I can do that too?
Thanks again.

Did you get that error even after unchecking the “Back up as ZIP file”?

If so, then perhaps something in your project is the issue. I suggest creating a new project, perhaps using the same project template that you selected for this one. You can go to File > New to create the project.

Once the new project is created, you can open it side by side on your PC with this existing project. Then, you can drag the contents of the existing project’s Binder into the Binder on the new project. You’ll be able to drag over your folders, documents, Research materials, and so on.

Once you’ve moved all that material into the new project, you can then try using Scrivener’s File > Back Up > Back Up Now command on that new project.

If Scrivener can save a backup of this new project, then you can use it as your working copy and consider deleting the one that had backup errors.

If Scrivener still cannot create a backup of this new project, then I recommend starting that help request. If that is necessary, please include a link to this discussion thread and mention that we’d started some troubleshooting steps here. That way, if one of my tech-support colleagues picks up your ticket before I can, they’ll know what we’ve already tried.

That fixed my problem! Thanks so much.