Project won't open directly

This is a bug I found: every time I double-click a project.scrivx file Scrivener starts with a message box that says that this is not a valid Scrivener project. If I use the “Open…” dialogue it works. This happens almost every single time I try to open a project directly from explorer.

Also, as a sidenote, under Windows 7 it would be really cool if Scrivener would “remember” the last open files when Scrivener is pinned to the Taskbar (just like Word does, for example).


If you search for “project.scrivx” …

Thanks, got it!

What version are you running? There was a bug two versions back that prevented the automatic update feature from working, and it also had a bug that presents similarly to our first issue. If you go to the website and download that version, it fixes both the opening bug and the automatic update bug.