Project won't open - S-icon looks like folder

Hello –
A couple of my projects have changed their appearance and functioning. Instead of the Scrivener icon, there is what looks like an ordinary folder. Inside the folder are various files and other folders: content.xml, layout-cache, META-INF and others. This folder can’t be opened as a project from within Scrivener – choosing Open only opens the folder and shows the files and folders inside.
I think I encountered this once when I moved a project from one folder to another, but everything was returned to normal when moved the project back. I’ve tried moving the no-longer-project folders various places, but they don’t change. It’s possible that I haven’t found the right location (or that it doesn’t exist anymore), but if so, I hope there is another solution.

This can happen if your Scrivener projects somehow lose their “.scriv” extension. When you open the folder, you should see a file with a .scrivx extension. Try opening that file. It should not only open, but it should also repair the project so that it goes back to behaving normally.


hmmm I don’t see a .scriv or .scrivx

Files such as META-INF and content.xml are not part of Scrivener projects (Scrivener doesn’t generate such files), so it sounds as though you are looking at different files, not Scrivener projects. Have you run a Spotlight search for the file names of your projects to see if they exist elsewhere?

Well then I’m baffled!
Thanks for your time and help.

META-INF and content.xml files sound to me like .epub files that have been extracted (.epub files are .zip files in disguise) - although, unless you’ve extracted them manually, or have been creating .epub files by hand (or are using a different .epub creator too), then I’m not sure how you would have these files exposed on your hard drive. Have you searched Spotlight for “.scriv” to see if you can find your projects in the correct format?

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