Project won't open

So I have a whole bunch of scrivener files (folders I guess since it’s windows, but whatever) and two days ago I went to open one and instead of the project opening, it pops up the “create new project” window. I went through and tested all of my files and apparently this effected five of my 18 files. I did recently upgrade to whatever the newest version of Scrivener is.

The idea of having to resort all of the rtf files manually is ridiculously daunting, so please someone tell me there is something I can do about this.

Sometimes the “recent files” menu can get lost. It’s just a list of static links to directories and so if the absolute path of the directory changes, it will drop off of the list. Likewise if you use the option that reloads projects automatically and they move, they will stop reloading the next time. To reload a project that no longer automatically opens, just find it using Explorer, click into the folder, and double-click on the .scrivx file.

Sorry, I guess I wasn’t sufficiently clear. I was clicking on the .scrivx file inside the project folder, and I was still getting a “create new project” dialogue when clicking on it. I was luckily able to resolve three of these projects by opening them with my husband’s computer (he has a mac). His Scrivener threw an error, but then opened the projects. So I was able to create a brand new project and move everything over, and things were hunky dori.

The last project threw an additional error that suggested trying to import the project into a new project, which is apparently only an option in the mac version. Unfortunately loading the project into a new one did not work. So as a last hurrah we finally figured out that the xml that tells the project its structure is inside the .scrivx file itself. So I renamed the .scrivx to a .txt file and am now able to see the xml, which includes which .rtf file belongs in which folder and has what name. So now I can recreate the project, albeit a bit tediously.

I am putting this here in case someone else ever has this problem. You may not have access to a mac like I did, but worst case if you rename the .scrivx file to a .txt (make a copy first) you can then read your project’s structure in order to recreate it manually.

There’s a bug with the latest release that’s causing projects not to open when double-clicking the .scrivx file unless Scrivener is already running–doing so will however still launch Scrivener, bringing up the New Project window as you’re describing. Have you tried launching Scrivener first and then using the Open Existing Project button to open your work?

When will this bug be fixed?

This has been fixed for the next release, which we’re hoping to have out soon. A couple other bugs are being worked on as well, so once they’re ironed out we’ll be pushing out the update.