Projects crash when multi-monitor setup adjusted.

I adjusted my multi-monitor setup in System Preferences, with Scrivener closed, and now Scrivener crashes on start-up. This persists even when I revert to the earlier monitor settings from my last successful Scrivener opening.

Have you set up your Scrivener preferences to use any textures in view backgrounds? That looks like Scrivener is set up to use an image that is too large somewhere.

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I have a replacement image for the corkboard background…

Since posting, I was able to get Scrivener launched by pressing shift when opening. I can now open other projects. These projects also use the replacement corkboard image, and are working fine with the new multi-monitor layout.

But my main project is still crashing on open, from Recent Documents, as it opens a crash report window. Could it be hanging on a crash report? Can I clear that somewhere?