Projects Created on Mac - How to see them on iOS

Hello Friendly Humans,
I almost wrapped my head around this Mac/iOS sync thing.

Some facts as I understand them and the questions that remain:

-I have my backups saved to Dropbox
-The iOS files backup under Dropbox -> Apps -> Scrivener in my dropbox
-The Mac files backup in the main directory

-When I make changes to iOS files either on the Mac or on the iphone I am able to see the changes (YAY!!!)
-Alas, I am still unable to see any projects created on the Mac in iOS.

Can someone please guide me to how I can work on Mac projects on my iOS devices.

Thank you in advance.

It’s not the backups you should have in Dropbox, it’s your live project, the projectname.scriv

Decide in which folder you want to keep your live projects (***.scriv) that you want to work on with your iOS Scrivener and move them there, using Finder. When you create new projects that you want to sync, save them there as well.

In iOS Scrivener, in the opening projects screen, tap Edit, gear wheel, Dropbox settings and navigate to the Dropbox folder you want to sync.

Oh, one more thing: you need to have the Dropbox app installed on both your Mac and iOS device and be logged in to your account on both.