Projekt Metadata (Title, Author, ...)

I’d assume to find the settings for setting project title and author name, etc. in project settings. But I can’t find it anywhere. Is it somewhere else? Or did it get lost due to beta status?

Go to Options (F12). In the General tab, there is Author Information. You can also set this information in the compile screen - see attached.

Thank you. I found those settings too.

BUT. They are not saved. If I close the compile panel and open it again, those settings are lost.

To save them press Compile. You don’t actually have to compile, you can cancel out after pressing the compile button and it will save them.

You can also just hold the Alt button down when clicking on the compile button, this will cause it to save your settings and close the dialogue, without having to go through a long compile. Great for when you want to set a particular thing quickly!

Fantastic. This was what I was looking for. Did you think about a dedicated save button? I wouldn’t have figured this out without your help. Thanks.

I am sure they did give it thought, as the older version had a save and close button that is always visible. Perhaps it was not used enough, and only caused confusion though.