Promise to give you some feedback soon

got the win version tonight… and will be sending it over email, from the mac… assuming back can handle it. And I will start doing some work on the win version. It looks like the last version before update. No, not the interface, the menu. But even if it is “behind” it’s cocoa goodness… I will be happy to see the full version.

That means no more working and scratching head cross platform.


Well installed it on the lappie, and took the project from one machine to the next, and did some work.

Then I took it back to the MacBook and it worked fine. No data loss, nothing. The only thing it did is it re-arranged my files (the ones to use with index card) but that is cool.

The UI is not as polished, but it is a beta for god sakes, so to expect otherwise would be well silly.

Only gripe is…I wanted to just email from one putter to the other… Somehow I cannot do that. Yes, it takes time to copy to thumb drive. So if I can email from Mac to pc I will be happy.

Using a Samsung nettie with 2 gig of RAM and a hamster for a processor and it still runs fairly fast by the way. (Atom, a year ago)…yes, it is a glorified word processor. It still started faster than LIqid Story Binder.

Ok so now that I have some time to play with it. here is a minor annoyance. I went ahead and created a new project… I decided to go for a short story… what better way to test a new shiny? So I go to create new project and highlight the short fiction template. The OK never lit up. I told it cancel, and there it was… my template.

It is a small UI annoyance I am sure… but hey, so far, smooth sailing.

Oh and yes it took a while to load, but JAVA was doing it’s update… so yes my hamster was panting for air.

Problem is gone in this version

1.6 has been quite stable on my nettie… running windows seven whatever came on that nettie.

I am using it for another short story… and it is running quite well.