Promote, Demote containter

I have been looking and looking for a means to Promote (move left on the binder) or Demote (move right on the binder) a specific item or container. You can drag and drop, but you have to move it vertically which can effect the order.

Specifically I’m hoping for something off a context menu (either off the menu or alt-clicking the item or container) Further revision of this request would be a means to either move alone or moving as a ‘branch’.

I’ve included a screenshot of a project I’m working on with a dummy chapter ‘accidentally’ put one level too far down as an example of just what I’m trying to find an easy way to fix. If I grabbed that chapter folder and try to move it ‘up’ I’d have to slide it around and that often juggles the scenes about in a fashion that is disruptive.

Now, I realize that my lack of user skill with Scrivener is as much to blame as my fat-fingering of the magic trackpad, but it would be nice to have.

Have a look at the menu Documents > Move. There are various keyboard shortcuts you can use for moving around.


You can also customise the toolbar to include the move left/right/up/down buttons if you wish. They don’t provide any functionality that isn’t also available via drag and drop, though. In the screenshot you provided, you could not have the selected document moved left without also moving it either above the “Misplaced Chapter” folder or below the “Another Scene” document, unless you placed “Example Scene” and “Another Scene” inside “Misc Scene” and then moved “Misc Scene” to the left.