Promoting Deadlines with Writing Groups

Hello, as you can guess from my username, my name is Daniel and I am, as you are, an aspiring writer. I have what I hope is an interesting proposition and if you lend me some of your time, I’ll explain it here. My idea is to form an online writing group, whose purpose is to “enforce” strict deadlines on the writers and to share and critique each others’ work at the end of this deadline. I have read and experienced the positive effects of deadlines, both in school and in the everyday environment (I am a recent college graduate in the field of Environmental Engineering). I love writing but as it is a loving hobby it (most unfortunately) has no structure or rules (remember I am an engineer by hopeful profession). I have loved reading these forums and I believe that the people who post here, at least some, may share my opinion of deadlines as positive reinforcement for writing. If what I am asking seems ludicrous to you, that is perfectly fine, you needn’t keep reading. But for anyone interested in supporting this notion, please feel free to drop me an email ( or reply to this post. I am looking to build a group and from there we can set reasonable deadlines and then, as a group, we can motivate each other to keep going and get the job done. As I have rambled on for long enough I will end this post but I hope that it has found its way to the people who might be interested in the idea of forming a writing group with the goal of meeting set deadlines and hopefully having some fun along the way (sounds like I’m promoting a cheesy summer camp but bear with me please).

P.S. Although I read these forums I have not gone through them with a fine comb (yet) and I am completely ignorant on whether or not what I have proposed is in violation of any terms or policies or if it has already been suggested. If the latter is the case then please (be gentle) drop me a reply or email telling me where to move myself and if the former is true please realize that I am only a recent graduate and have little money to my name, suing would not be worth the expenses (joke…)


Do you not know, my Sweet, that you are aboard, ‘Scrivener’
Dans le Temple de la Déesse Procrastinator, and deadlines are the reason we are here.

Unlike French Foriegn Legionnaires, who enlist to forget all manner of This ‘&’ Thats, we are here hiding from only one thing, Dates-limites. We are all hopeless Deadline-phobics and Procrastination addicts.

Of course I wish you well with your quest, but fear twill prove: Une Cause Perduee :frowning:
Bonne Chance Daniel et bienvenue à bord de Scrivener
Le D :smiling_imp:
PS However, Mon Amour, should you wish to engage in 'Provocation joute verbale’. I am…how you say…your man :wink:

Why Vic-k, I feel as if I have passed through a right of passage with your response and I am
sure that you are correct about the level of procrastination in the folks here at Scrivener (I of course being one of them) but that, good sir, is the problem I am seeking to address. Also, though my grasp of foreign languages sadly extends only to a small understanding of Latin, I find your dialogue delightful and I appreciate your creative attention. Keep up the good work.


In the year27000+whatever, twill be accepted as fact, that procrastination, was, and probably will still be, one of the most beneficial, and theraputic of arrows in the writer`s quiver. :wink:
Take care

You might post this at the Forward Motion Writer’s community,

It is, IMO, the best writing site on the net, and it’s swarming with people who would be delighted to join you in this.

It’s a huge site and can be intimidating at first, but it’s well worth taking the time to learn your way around.


Thank you for the suggestion, I have signed up and posted. You are right, that site is not very elegant. It strikes me as a bit cluttered and crammed, not nearly as fine as the literature and latte forums. I think I’ve been spoiled here. I hope be a part of a group there but I still extend the offer here for anyone interested. Maybe the two worlds can collide. Dare to dream!

  • Dan