Prompt announcement when products break

Scrivener 3.3.2 is broken in Sonoma 14.0, but I only found the reason in a reply to a forum post. This is not professional or acceptable. When the product has a major bug like this, let us know immediately – especially when the workaround is a simple one that has little impact on our work. I lost a full day of use because of the lack of communication. You can do better than just leaving long-timer users in the dark (and I go back to very first Scrivener release. This is so disappointing.)

See the posts already here including from the founder of Scrivener who provides clarification of the specific situation of Apple macOS versions that has caused the problem along with suggestions for how to overcome.

I’d say that was pretty good. Better than most I’d say.


@rms I tend to agree, but we also “live” here. Trying to help some of the troubled users who faced one of the two more serious bugs (3.3.2 crashing on Apple Silicon Big Sur / the “ruler bug” on Sonoma), a pinned thread would have been appreciated. I suspect also by the mods in hindsight.

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The problem is that we don’t necessarily know when there’s an issue like this … until people start posting about it in the forum. While we did an internal beta test before this release, Scrivener is a large and complex piece of software and it’s simply not possible to test every combination of settings with every potential operating system.

The Big Sur bug affected only people running a relatively old operating system (Big Sur) on relatively new hardware (Apple Silicon). The ruler bug affects only Sonoma, which Apple just released this week and which includes a lot of internal changes to Apple’s own frameworks.

If losing access to Scrivener (or any other application) for 24 hours will cause you undue distress, don’t install a new version of Mac OS (or Scrivener, or any other application) on the first day of release.


well, given it worked on the beta, i had few worries. my bad.
this doesn’t change the need to be proactive in messaging. once you know that a common setting breaks the thing, let us know. after all these years of developer fubars, the #1 thing that riles their users (and potential users, and now-ex-users) is silence and opacity. if Scrivener is such a huge, unwieldy beast, then even more care must be taken to keep users aware.
and for pity sake: don’t tell the users they failed in this by not finding the right comment thread. i did search the help section – the first thing i did – & i found nothing.

We’ve been too busy trying to fix the bug to create a help page about it, and for that we apologize.

But even a cursory glance of the recent posts in the Mac OS support section of the forum turns up three different threads about the ruler bug (one of which is even tagged as “MacOS14”) and three more about the Big Sur bug. The information is hardly buried.

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I do agree though that in future, once a thread is going like that and it’s become clear there’s an issue of magnitude affecting multiple users, pinning the thread so it floats to the top of the list on visiting the forum is a good idea. Also renaming it for clarity (which I think did happen in this case, for at least one of the main threads going about the issue), so that if users do pop onto the forum because they’ve hit this issue, there’s a clear thread to join and see the announcements/highlighted posts in (such as the workarounds provided or requests for more info in tracking down and fixing the bug).

I’m not sure exactly how a pinned thread appears for users that have set up their login views to display specific categories, etc., so it’s possible you’d still end up not seeing that, but I’d guess most users concerned would see it and be able to get there directly.

So thanks for bringing up those thoughts. Of course I hope we won’t have need to implement them any time soon. :wink: And on that note, version 3.3.3 has just been released, which you can get via Scrivener ▸ Check for Updates....


So, so so true. No matter the software, no matter the OS. If it is vital, wait for conclusive feedback.