Proof of purchase? Moving from App Store to L&L for 3.0

What will serve as proof of purchase? I’m using version 2.8.1 on my MacBook Air. And where do I send the email?

Just a copy of the receipt Apple sent you when you bought. If you don’t have that any longer, we’ll find another way - I have yet to look through my Apple account to confirm what sort of thing we can use. We’ll publish all the details soon, once I’m back off holiday (I’m off to Mallorca for two weeks, after which we shall start ramping things up).


Thanks, Keith. It seems I hadn’t started keeping receipts when I purchased Scrivener.

But all purchase receipts at the iTunes Store. Apple doesn’t make it easy. Steps to find your receipt follow (for mac – I couldn’t seem to do it on my iPad) in case this may help someone else.

  1. Go to iTunes Store
  2. If not signed in, choose Account from the main menu. If not already signed in, choose “Sign In”.
  3. Once signed in, choose Account from the main menu again. You now have an option “View My Account…”
  4. Scroll down to “Purchase History” and choose “See All”

This will give you a list of the 11 or so most recent purchases. The “next” button takes you to the next earlier set, and so on.

If you know the year there is a “Jump” option. My purchase was in 2012, but I didn’t remember, so I went through the whole list. I found it easier to look at the amount, since the bulk of my iTunes purchases are small, and the 44.99 stood out. The response was very slow.

As far as I can tell there is no way to do a search of the whole list except manually. Hope I’m wrong.

Also, there seems to be no way to print or export the result. You can, however, take a screen shot.

Have a nice vacation!

Official instructions from Apple. I have not personally tested them, but there is a link to iPhone/iPad instructions.