Is there a resource available to find proofreaders in Scrivener? There is a plethora of them who do work in Word. Is there an easy way to do it in Scrivener?

But you don’t really need a special sort of proofreader, do you? You could look for such, but if your typescript is at so finished a state that it is time to do the proofreading, you can just compile to docx and employ any one from that plethora of Word-centric proofreaders.

Yes, I can do that. However, it’s a bit cumbersome as it’s a multi-step process. I was wondering if a similar process was available in Scrivener.

In Scrivener, you have :
1- The same (and somewhat Word compatible) comments section / concept.
2- Revision colors. Format / Revision Mode (Which allows to color identify different revisions either by stage or “by who”.)

Using sync, you can collaborate on a project remotely with someone else. (I never used it, I’ll let someone else have fun explaining how it works. :wink: )

I use the sync module with Grammarly - Using Grammarly with Scrivener – Tall Tech Tales