Proper format for submitting novel chapters to agent?

I’m about to submit a few chapters of my novel (per the agents’ guidelines). I’ve done the query letter, but now I have one burning question: if I’m only submitting three chapters and not the whole shebang, do I need to put a cover page on the mini-mansuscript (looks odd to me) or can I get away with just attaching the chapters?

Thanks in advance.

If the MS is going to an agent, presumably you’ve discussed the project and the agent knows what to expect, so attachment to an e-mail is fine. Standard format applies: 1 inch margins, double spaced text, and a readable font like Times New Roman. At this stage, the MS does not have to be in Courier.

Submission to a publisher usually requires a cover letter, an outline of the project, an explanation of the three chapters, and of what else will follow. Most publishers want to see finished projects.

Good luck!

Though it has to be stressed that there are as many “standards” as there are agents and publishers, at least here in Germany …

For Germany, I would advise to ask the person in question. For example, 30x60 Courier New line spacing=1.5 would be the traditional appropriate format for publishers, yet many love it another way (or don’t care, as long as it is simple set and easy to read). Email is usually fine - many prefer it this way - and as for the rest, druids points (letter, outline, probably an exposé, proposal, text) should meet all requirements.

As for the cover page, what do you mean? Just a page with the title on it? Would certainly be enough, though not compulsory. At least in my view, and as I said, I can only speak of my experiences here in Germany.