Proposal Document Assembly

I’m interested to know whether I can use Scrivener for document assembly of proposals. In essence, we write very long, detailed proposals which cover 30-40 different points. Each point has 3-4 variations of text, depending on the situation.

In an ideal world, I’d be able to

  1. have a source project/template as a base from which to create a project
  2. select which variant to use of each point
  3. make minor edits to each point as necessary for the proposal
  4. Compile and export for formatting

I’m not sure how to do #2 in the easiest way. Would it be to have each point’s variations in one text file, and deleting the inapplicable ones? or is there a better feature for this?

Thank you!

I think the easiest approach would be to use document templates for this (documented in §7.5, Document Templates, pg. 77 of the user manual PDF).

The idea here would be that each variation would be a template, or perhaps even a folder of subdocuments meant to be combined together to create that variation (folders can be used as templates too). So you would create your new project (from a template that has all of this set up), select which document template to start off with and go from there—ignoring any other variations buried in the document template folder.

I think that would be easier and cleaner than deleting the rest, but the end effect is similar.

You could either delete the inapplicable sections or drag them to a different part of the Binder.

If you’re making different variations of the same proposal for each funding source, that’s not so different from making different versions of a novel for different publishers. So you might look at how the Collections feature might be able to help.