ProwritingAid loses changes regularily with Scrivener projects

It might relate to using it over Dropbox, but I find that when I am running ProwritingAid (I use windows desktop version) to open Scrivener projects, switching between chapters often loses the last few changes I made in the previous chapter edit. So I have to constantly check back and make sure it kept the last change. I save it constantly and have learnt to double check it as I go as I never solved it.

It’s been doing this since I got it a few years ago and I only just updated it to work on a new book, hoping PWA would have fixed it in a patch, but it still does it.

Anyone else experience this and find a solution? I do think it might be because I work on Dropbox with all my Scrivener files, but I never have a problem with Scrivener between machines or losing changes, just PWA.

Are you saving the project folder on Dropbox or just zipped backups?

ProWritingAid now has ProWritingAid Everywhere out that works directly in Scrivener, rather than working on Scrivener projects in the ProWritingAid Desktop application. You might give that a try if you’re having trouble with their Desktop application.


I keep all my Scrivener books in Dropbox and work on them there live.

I am freezing the Dropbox sync while working on PWA and it seems to be a workaround, but it requires I don’t forget to do that, and then remember to allow the sync before going to the other computer.

this professional author uses PWA a lot for various formats and her section on using PWA with Scrivener (written 2020, updated 2023) is this: “Ultimately, I used the ProWritingAid desktop app with Scrivener because I could automatically split each of the chapters into separate sections with Scrivener. But it’s not a perfect solution. I still lost Track Changes and formatting once the edits were saved back to the Scrivener file”

So there seems to be an issue others are experiencing between these two packages, as yet unresolved and not just me & my Dropbox.

ProWritingAid now has ProWritingAid Everywhere

thanks JenT I was not aware of that, I will look into it.

Just to be clear, this is PWA’s problem to solve. There is no supported way to directly edit a Scrivener project with any tool other than Scrivener itself.

Just to be clear, this is PWA’s problem to solve.

I feel that is something of a dodge, I hope you are just a user not a developer. I am in no position to support backend coding solution, and PWA and Scrivener mutually should be. Esp since they both promote PWA as a way to have access to grammar support using Scrivener projects in exactly the way I have been.

I literally bought PWA life subscription because it was recommended on the Scrivener Forums. Scrivener should be clearer about the issues if they are going to make that kind of response when there is a known issue without a fix. The Software developers is where the buck stops, you can’t just say “its not our problem”.

Having said that, I just installed the PWA Everywhere recommended by JenT in the other comment, and it looks like it might solve the issue for me. tbd.

Recommended by whom? We are not responsible for recommendations posted by forum users. And I know that at least some of the forum threads about PWA contain the same warning I just posted, because I put it there.

Where? I was searching for this information a long time ago and recently, and have seen no such warnings about using PWA. If you really need me to look into where and when I was advised on these forums to use PWA I will dig into it.

Being told “its not our problem” puts my back up, I will be honest. PWA promote opening Scrivener project files, and this is what I see when I open their desktop app.


And on your own site “The advantage of ProWritingAid is its integration with Scrivener,” is literally the first blog on your site I find with a cursory google search here -

While we are at it, any known issues of this nature with PWA Everywhere?

I was not aware of that blog post. Thank you for calling it to my attention.

In any case, nothing about the Scrivener project format has changed since it was written.

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