Hi All,

In case you haven’t heard of it, there is a great manuscript editing tool called prowritingaid that I always use. There is a free online version :smiley: and there is a paid version $35/year that allows you to download a word or google docs add-in and use it that way.

It’s not as good at getting grammar/spelling as grammarly, but it’s really useful at technical writing elements: overuse of adverbs, reduction in passive voice, repetitive structures, sentence length, etc.

Hope that’s useful to someone.


Thanks for posting this. I tried it for an excerpt of my writing, and it is just as described. I did not realize I wrote so awkwardly. (Actually, I did realize but it was sad to see it confirmed.)

I will check it out. To be really useful, I will probably have to remove some of its rules.

I went to the site and tried to put text into the sample box.
Immediately, they want your email and password.
To my mind, that is just a way to get email addresses. Obviously, some login is needed if one uses it on an ongoing basis, but for a one-time trial, it is inappropriate.

I agree with your principle. But of course that is what “junk” email addresses are for. Anything sent to my junk addresses goes to a low-priority mailbox.