Published Biographer and Editor here

Yep, I managed to get out five since 2005, and now I want to tackle a few using Scrivener. I would love advice from anybody using Scrivener to organize primary sources as well as separating the chapters etc. in the form of a template that will make it easier to stay organized.


Paul Maher Jr.

Hi Paul, and welcome to the forum.
The beauty of Scrivener is its flexibility.
A biography is a history, an essay, and a narrative all wrapped in one.
In other words, it resembles a non-fiction novel. So…
You might look at the template for a Novel to see how that’s organized.
Draft, which contains Chapters and within them Scenes
Then Characters, Places, and I have added Events.
Just created a folder and used Documents: Change Icon for a distinct look.
In the Research folder, you may arrange all kinds of folders.
Primary Sources, Secondary Sources, Archives, Trips, Mail, etc.
However, I would caution against overloading the Research folder.
A tool like DevonThink Pro is much more powerful.
And EndNote is a good reference manager for bibliography/footnotes.
Especially if you plan to use the data for more than one project.