Publishing for iBooks

I’ll preface by saying it’s been almost 5 years since I published last and I’m a little rusty, as they say.

That said, I see there’s now an iBooks Author app. I have it, as well as iTunes Producer on my Mac (which is what I presume I used back in 2013, but it looks vastly different now).

Is there a preferred app now? From what I’m reading, it sounds like using iBooks Author requires a lot of work re-building the file for their format.

In looking at iTunes Producer, it looks like I can just drop a file in and publish it.

I couldn’t find any official docs on what’s the proper method these days, so feel free to point me to any docs I may have not found on my own.

Thanks for the help!

Short answer. iBooks Author is good for creating ebooks with a lot of fixed-placed graphics, such as a children’s story book. eBooks created with iBooks Author, however, can only be published to / sold thru the Apple Books Store.

If you use a product like Scrivener to write your book, you can generate an ePub ebook directly from within Scrivener. You then can use iTunes Producer to publish the ePub ebook to the Apple Books Store. You can publish the same ePub to Amazon, Nook and other platforms using their respective tools.