Pulling text into table at compile time

Is it possible to insert a link into a table cell, and at compile time have the contents of the link populate the table cell?

It’s an internal (within Scrivener) link, and the table would just be a single cell table, if that matters.

[I’m using a table as a substitute for a Word style text box, because I don’t know how to create a text box in Scrivener].

There’s no way of doing this, I’m afraid. We are looking at the possibility of something like this, for a future major update, so that text could be referenced via a placeholder tag or link and pulled in at compile time. Even if that should work out, though, I can’t make any guesses about whether it would work to put the text into a table at that point, given the complexities of formatting and nesting.

Since the table doesn’t seem to be what you really want anyway, I’d suggest just using some unique formatting for the text–give it a colour or such that won’t be used for anything else–and then after compiling, you should be able to do a simple search and replace for the formatting, or at minimum search to find each instance and then apply whatever other changes you need.