purchase price for users with dual systems Mac and PC

Hi, If i buy for MAC, can I also use scrivener on my PC at work, or must I make two purchases ? Thanks for your help

Although our licence conditions for Scrivener are fairly friendly, they are unfortunately not cross-platform. You will require a separate licence for Scrivener on Mac and Scrivener on Windows. The Mac and Windows versions are separate development efforts, and as a small company this means that we can’t offer cross-platform licences at this time without increasing the price of a single licence of Scrivener (and we try to keep Scrivener affordable even for struggling writers).

With both Scrivener licence types you will be able to share Scrivener projects between your Mac and Windows machines. You could even share projects using Dropbox if you like. Please note these fairly common sense guidelines when using Scrivener with Dropbox: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/using-scrivener-with-dropbox/11295/1]

There are currently a number of feature differences between our releases:
but you will be able to share Scrivener projects well between platforms, especially with these differences diminishing during 2012.

I hope you enjoy using Scrivener on both Mac and Windows.