Purchase the product.

I have read in this forum, that Scrivener for Linux won’t be officially supported by the company, it’s only a user project. So, when the Windows version goes stable, how will we be able to purchase the Linux version?

My understanding is the windows key will work for the Linux version. For the life of me I can’t remember where I read that, and I might just be making it up out of thin air, but that was my understanding.

If I’m right, you’d buy the Windows version and the registration key can be used to unlock the linux version? Maybe.

Well … we are writers, aren’t. We make stuff up for a living.

I saw that the next windows beta was released today - 2.0, though, it’s only valid until the 25th?
Has anyone heard when the Linux version would be released?

Other good news - if you use Ubuntu.

Inclusion of Qt in Ubuntu 11.10 is a win for developers

From my understanding, Scrivener is made in Qt.

I’m a 64-bit linux user here. I have two questions:

  1. Are the bugs between 32-bit program architecture and 64-bit platforms going to get ironed out in the out of the box commercial release? I don’t like paying retail for unfinished products. Kind of disappointed, too, I thought Mac was mostly adopting 64-bit architecture.

  2. Is the retail linux release going to be a true native release? I’m seeing some stuff about WINE that’s making me nervous.

  3. Assuing there is going to be a native version, how will the commercial release be handled for the native linux version? It sounds like it’s user-maintained project. Will I have to pay for these user-maintained revisions? Presumably this isn’t in the Ubuntu Software Center, though now that Ubuntu is more receptive to commercial software there that might change, but… where and how will they be available? Super-secret word-of-email-only repository?