Purchased Scrivener, no confirmation email.

I purchased scrivener earlier today, I haven’t received any email to confirm the order. I assumed it would be instant, so I’m worried my order hasn’t been received. When I signed up to this forum, I received an email instantly, so I’m wondering why my purchase email hasn’t come through? It’s not in my spam folder either. My trial ran out today and I was hoping to get some writing done. Many thanks.

You’re more likely to get a relevant response if you contact L&L on their support email than by posting in a user forum.

… but that said, have you checked your spam folder? It’s happened more than once that people claim that they didn’t get a mail and it later turned out that they had but had it had been captured by their spam filter.

If you have checked your spam folder but still can’t find the receipt and delivery emails from Paddle, then is it possible that you might have given a different email address, or mistyped the email address, when purchasing? If you contact us at sales@literatureandlatte.com, including details of the email address that you supplied, we can try to track down your licence for you. Please also include the transaction data from your payment account, so that we can ask Paddle to try to trace it from that if we draw a blank on the email address.

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