Purchased Scrivener on my iPhone, but it’s not showing in my Family Sharing on my iPad

So I use two different Apple Accounts - one on my iPhone (the main account) and one on my iPad. I’m able to share apps between the two by using Family Sharing, with my iPhone being the ‘default’ account that can make purchases etc.

I purchased Scrivener on my iPhone as it said in the App Store that it supports Family Sharing. That was 30 minutes ago. Purchase went through, I can download it onto my iPhone but when I try to download it onto my iPad, I’m told to purchase it again for $29.99 — which, no. I can’t afford that.

Am I screwed here, or is there something I’m missing? Every other app I’ve used Family Sharing with, showed up on the Purchases tab on my iPad after being bought on my iPhone. I even rebooted both devices in case it was just not syncing or something. I needed this on my iPad, not my phone, and would’ve just purchased it on my iPad specifically if I knew it wasn’t going to work.

Help :confused:

First thing that comes to mind is that the iPad is not logged in to the same AppleID as the iPhone where you purchased it.

You seem to be relying on “family sharing” on the iPad, using a different ID? That suggests that this Apple ID on the iPad not in the “Family”.

Or something.

Rather than rely on “family sharing” with myself on all devices with different Apple ID’s, I use the same AppleID on all my devices and things “just work”, so I don’t have any more debugging ideas. All down to how the Apple Store and ecosystem works, not Scrivener. I’ve not tried adding Scrivener to my wife’s iPad, in the Apple “Family” as she has no interest. But works for those few other Apple Apps we share.

Might help: If you see "apple.com/bill" on your billing statement – Apple Support (UK).

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There is a UX/UI glitch that persists in App Store that often shows an app as a “purchase” (even though you have bought it at the account level) for other accounts on Family Share. However, when you DO click that, it pops up a message along the lines of “This is already purchased, do you want to download?” or similar. A stupid bug, has been around forever (Apple, not Scrivener)

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