Purchasing Scrivener 3 (for windows) Technical Issues (With screenshots)

Hello. All sensitive information is blurred. I appreciate patience, and please forgive me if I misspeak. I am neurodivergent, currently confused and mildly discouraged.

I’m having some technical issues purchasing a software license for the Windows 10 version of Scrivener 3.

I’m attempting to purchase a new $49 dollar license for a Windows 10 version of Scrivener. (Even though in 2016 I had already purchased a hard disk copy of the old version of Scrivener which had costed me $52 dollars, $12 for the disk and $40 for the software license.)

However, when I attempted to make the purchase for the upgrade on the Scrivener website using PayPal, there was an issue. It failed to be approved twice, so instead I used my debit card information directly in the purchase window. That was also declined and I received a notification from my bank app on my phone that a recent transaction was declined.

I checked my emails and reassured my bank that I was really trying to purchase a copy of Scrivener, but when I checked my bank transactions, I had 8 attempted purchases of Scrivener???

Below are screenshots of what happened.

A list of the 8 attempted transactions / purchases for Scrivener. For clarity, I only wanted to purchase one license and Paypal failed twice and the debit card transaction failed once.

I don’t need eight copies and this would cost $392 USD.

“Declined transactions.”

“We detected some unusual activity.”

“Thank you for verifying your recent transactions.”

Also I only just noticed just now while writing this post, that there is a “Upgrade from an older version,” link in the purchasing section, but I don’t think my old version of scrivener is still eligible.

It’s unclear as to what I did wrong, and I’m frustrated with myself and feeling sorry I have to reach out for help. I also have enormous anxiety posting on a forum. I’m very sorry in advance if I did this all wrong.

Hi FireFancy,

Unfortunately, for some PCs the license purchasing process goes sideways. :frowning: The process was not smooth for me either.

As you’ve already sent funds, it is more than just a technical issue. I recommend you contact L&L support directly here:


In the support ticket, I would describe your issue briefly but be sure to refer them to this post–copy in the URL–as you’ve included so much useful detail here.

I believe your understanding is incorrect. If in the past you purchased a Windows Scrivener v1 license, then you are definitely eligible for a discount on your Windows Scrivener v3 license purchase.


Thank you kindly for the help, Jimrac. I couldn’t find a support section on the website so this is helpful.

It turns out, I needed to just wait a day for the charges to disappear. Everything was okay in regards to finances (no charges were made) and I’m assuming I would just need to attempt to purchase again and hope it goes okay. I might wait a while before I try and buy again, though. Thank you kindly.

When you do go to buy, make sure you do it from an “Upgrade” option. The savings is significant…