Purpose of Scratchpad Titles

Continuing the discussion from Bi-Directional Linking:

Notes in the scratch pad can be named, which will also be used for their filename on the disk. If you aren’t sure where your scratchpad files are located, you can find the location in the General: Scratchpad preference pane. You can also choose the format there—for example if Markdown files with an “md” extension works better for you.

As for the rest, it’s up to you to mark where things came from when appending, if that is of importance to you. Maybe copying the note to the project instead of appending it would be a better choice, if it is.

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The preference pane has the default settings with 3 options. So, if I add a markdown link and I want it added in a compiled format in scrivener, what are the options I should select. Let’s say this is the link (Screenshot of the preference pane is attached)

The Art of (Not) Selling - Akre Capital Management

Which actually seems to get compiled here, the md link is The Art of (Not) Selling - Akre Capital Management](https://www.akrecapital.com/the-art-of-not-selling/)Screenshot 2021-09-19 at 11.34.29

How would you envision any of these settings having a bearing on that? I am not seeing what they are, to you. To me, what keyboard shortcut I use to open and hide the panel, or where the files are saved on the disk, has nothing to do with the alphabetical letters, whether they form arrangements of syntax or not, that I type into the window that appears. Whether you choose to type a Markdown link or a Haiku, and later import it into a project, is not changed by these settings.

I thought this is what you meant when you wrote this, so … I suppose you’ll have to enlighten me about the above.

The file format changes how they are saved on the disk. That doesn’t change how they work inside of Scrivener. It is thus only of importance if the files on the disk are of importance to how you work.

Say maybe you use a tool like Obsidian to read the scratchpad folder as a vault. It would not work very well at all if you left it set to the default RTFD.

None of this is important if you only use the scratch pad GUI itself.

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Just a small query regarding the font size. Is there any way in which I can change the scratchpad settings so that when I ‘send to project’ the appended text matches the project font or do I have to change the appended text font every time?

The font settings for Document Notes and Scratch Pad in the Editing: Formatting preferences tab, right below where you would set up the default document format.

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Suppose I want to select a text I am reading in any app, say safari, and I want to share it to scrivener, how can do that? And more importantly, can I add it to the scratchpad instead? This is for both iPad and Mac.