Push Screenplay Treatment into Novel Writing

New here. Learning.

I wrote my treatment/outline, for a novel, as a screenplay.

Now I want to start writing the novel, but I have no idea how to “push” the screenplay into the novel to use as my “template.” Does that make sense?

Is the only way to convert the screenplay to novel format and simply write over the top of it?

Thanks for any help!


Could you explain a little more about exactly what you are trying to do? Do you want to edit the original screenplay files or just have them open alongside your text as you write the novel? Was the screenplay written in Scrivener or in another program?

If you want to write into the screenplay files, then the first thing to do is to convert them to non-script files by switching out of screenplay mode in each file. Then you can convert them to use the default formatting (via Documents > Convert) and start editing them as normal text (you’d probably want to take a snapshot of each first).

If you just want to refer to each of your script documents, then could:

  1. Move them out of the Draft folder into their own folder.
  2. Create normal text documents in the Draft folder and open the screenplay documents alongside them in the split view for reference.

Or, you could create a new project using the Novel template or whatever you want to use, and drag the screenplay documents from your original project (or import your screenplay file if it was written in a different program) into a folder somewhere outside of the Draft (e.g. in the Research folder or a subfolder of it), and again, open them in the split view so that you can refer to them alongside the novel.

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That was an amazing response. Thank you so much for that. You have given me the answers I was looking for.

Out of interest: Yes, I wrote the screenplay in Scrivener, was looking for a way to covert an individual file into novel format, somehow, and then edit the screenplay as a novel. But I think I prefer your last option. Going to bed now, so will sleep on it tonight, but thanks to you I now have options.



Great, glad it helped!
All the best,