Put icons outside label color

I did my best to search this forum and make sure my request wasn’t already mentioned. It’s pretty simple actually. I want to use colored icons to indicate the status of a binder item, e.g. draft, revision, final etc. The only problem is that the icons are superimposed on the label color that I’m using to show POV, and it is difficult to tell the color of the icon.


If the icon were outside the label color, then it gives me one more way to “label” my binder items. Hope this makes sense!


I concur with this request. Since the label color “covers” the icon, the icons colors are difficult to see in the binder, and therefor not as useful as they could be.

I don’t know if this helps, but you can adjust how opaque the color tinting of binder items is in particular. Lowering the opacity may help.


P.S. I do not myself have much use for special icons in my Binder - I like the default icons. I also have my Binder set to tint just the icons - which I find less distracting.

Well, y’know, the colored icons are included, so it’s not like we’re adding something.

I write non-fiction books. I put individual notes in Scrivener as text documents. I have set up a keyboard shortcut to change the icon to a green flag once a note has been covered in my text. But there are other indicators I might want to use – a red flag for “needs follow up” or a white flag for “deliberately omitted.” It’s easy to set up additional keyboard shortcuts so I may do the same for those and other icons.

The many colored icons are included, but the usefulness of the (dozens of) included icons is limited when the color is obscured. Otherwise it might be better to actually replace the default icon set with black-and-white icons and just go by shape.

Hi, DownStageCenter,

My postscript was really included by way of full disclosure, not criticism. The substance of my post was to offer some small help.

I use custom Labels for the sort of purposes you are using special icons, but I fully understand why you might want more than one dimension (tinting by label) of visual classification of Binder items. Probably your needs are more complex than mine. The fact that one can search by label and define collections based on them is a big factor for me – I can get visual cueing and searchability.


Although there are no plans to put the label background outside of the icon, a future version will make it so that you can show labels as discs rather than expanding across the whole row, which should help with what you want.

That sounds like a solution. Thanks!