Putting notes on a photo

I wanted to use a photo from a post it as background for notes and save it as sample.
Is this possible?
Thank you very much for your help!

You can make any photo a background on scapple, go to inspector in view then document then choose texture. If the mind map is any size will see repitive pictures with a seam. I use small square tiles to create seamless backgrounds. Can easily find on the web.

thank you, but that was not what I wanted., Maybe I asked wrong. I don’t want a new background but a new note sample with a post it background where I can write on. So I could use multiple Post its (Fotos) that resemble an original postet. Not Only the color yellow. Is that possible?
Thank you best Marian

I created a png post it note and then did several notes in scapple and arranged them and dragged png file behind the notes. If drag mouse to include notes and png image then can drag together. Here is image. I used photoshop to create png file and could easily change post it note to any color. the blue box are all the elements surrounded if click elsewhere the box disappears.

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You’re right! That’s the way it works! I tryed to move the notes over the Post it. That just creates connections. But if you move the note like you did, its done! Thank you very much for your help!!! Awesome!

Glad to help will use for myself as well. Also played with png brackets and question marks as well. Look good too.