QR panels - Shortcut to toggle cursor between editor and inspector Notes?

Hi folks,

In Scrivener for Windows, does anyone know of a way to toggle the cursor between the QR panel Editor and Inspector Notes?

In the main Scriv window, I can use Navigate > Inspect > Notes (Win+Alt+H) to move the cursor from the Editor to the Inspector Notes. I can return to the Editor via the appropriate Navigate > Move Focus To keyboard shortcut.

But in QR panels this doesn’t work. Navigate > Inspect > Notes (Win+Alt+H) opens the Inspector Notes, but does not move the cursor to it. And if I use the mouse to position the cursor inside the Inspector, there doesn’t seem to be a keyboard shortcut to move the cursor back to the Editor.

Anybody have any suggestions for this?

I’d also be grateful if someone could tell me whether Mac Scriv provides keyboard shortcuts to navigate between the QR Panel Editor and Inspector Notes.


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