Queen of Linux's Birthday

Happy Birthday, young Mistress garpu.

I hope you insist on separate Birthday and Christmas pressies :wink:
Merry Christmas too!!

Yes, a very happy birthday to you! Hope you have a great day!

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:

It’s usually pretty chill. It’s my fiance’s birthday, as well, so we usually hang out all day playing video games, then go out for sushi.

Dang. I have a whole office of males (and a female or two) who have just asked “How committed is this garpu to her current relationship?” You have hit the IT trifecta of perfect. But those of us here knew that already.

Hope you get to have many more days of video games and sushi.

VIdeo Games + Birthday brings this to mind


PS: Happy Birthday!

The big question is have you pre-ordered your copy of Destiny yet?

Heh. We’ve been together for 13 years, now, through the dotcom bust/layoffs, grad school, and two bedbug invasions. So, sorry to your co-workers, Jaysen. :wink: (And, yes, I do game under Linux.)

Wock: I don’t have Destiny pre-ordered. I’m more into RPG’s and MMO’s. Currently I’m enjoying Starbound (still a bit buggy, but it’s a beta) and WoW (They seemed to fix the things I hated about Cataclysm). Starbound is a lot like Terraria, but different enough to not be boring to those who’ve played the hell out of Terraria.

WOW here as well(Eldre’Thalas).

Been Betaing the new Elder Scrolls MMO. Pretty cool but really just feels like Oblivion with other people running around.

I was hoping that BLizzard’s Titan would bring forth a new MMORPG that captured the fun that Vanilla WOW did but when they basically said its pretty much scrapped in May I was downfallen.

The way it is looking is Destiny is going to be something like a MMOFPS. Think Halo meets WOW I think. It will either be really cool or just a haven for PVP.

WAy cool. I’m mostly Alliance/Misha. I took a long vacation shortly after Cataclysm (3 years). I didn’t think raiding in Cataclysm was any fun–it felt like too much depended upon random number generation for difficulty, and my guild split up. (Messy breakup followed by a few other people leaving.) Over the summer, Blizzard asked me to fill out a survey of why I left, and I was completely honest. (And mentioned how they were banning people in Diablo III for using WINE.) A few weeks later, a copy of MoP came in the mail, and… I’m happy with the things they changed away from Cataclysm. It’ll be interesting to see how the next expansion works out.

Boo about Elder Scrolls. That one looked really interesting. I had hopes for Neverwinter Online, but it plays like a “My first Baldur’s Gate” game. I played the hell out of NWN and NWN2, so the 4th edition ruleset in Neverwinter Online feels very dumbed down. I really wanted to like it, since Cryptic does a lot to make their games run under Linux/WINE.

Other than that, I’ve been known to wander around in Guild Wars 2 and Secret World, too.