Question about alias and import


I have used the scrivener trial version and I was just about to buy this. However, it seems to be that it is not possible to make an alias of power point (.PPT), word (.doc, .docx) and so on…Strangely, we can import them but it is not possible to make an alias !?, and is there any way I can import or make an alias of MS word file (.doc or .docx) since I would like to play them within the Scrivener as it be as a WORD file, which means that I don’t want let them converted to RTF when I import them …

I need an answer or solutions :slight_smile:

You should be able to make an alias to a PowerPoint file, but you can’t to Word files - all text files get imported and converted to RTF. If you could make an alias to a Word file, you wouldn’t be able to view it in the editor but would have to open and edit in Word.

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You can add the Word file to the project references so you can have the document easily accessible from your project; clicking the link will open it in Word, thus keeping it as the .doc or .docx file-type.

Thanks, I have bought Scrivener this morning as I could confirm the PPT files can be imported as alias by making alias shortcut of those files. It would be really great if we have an option in Scrivener to choose the type of importing :wink:

Yes, this is possible. Actually, I knew this alternative solution for my case …however I would like to play with those files within the Scrivener rather than linking it. On top of that, the font size in the linking section in reference pannel is too small for me

You can also create an alias in the Finder and then just drag in the alias into Scrivener. (You won’t be able to view all file types inside Scrivener anyway, though, because Scrivener’s editor cannot open every single file type.)

Hope that helps.

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