question about buying scrivener in advanced before the new version comes out


If I understand correctly, if I buy scrivener today, I will get access to the next version of scrivener for free. Does this also apply if I buy the version of the education license or is that only for the regular licence?


This discussion should answer your question:

Thank you for sharing that.
Just as a clarification, do you know if this discounted updates applies to the current free update offer for those who purchase the scrivener 1 (for windows)?

edit: fixed mistakes in my above question

KB was referring to Mac version 2; there is no stable version 2 for Windows. The v. 3 beta is numbered 2.9 for some arcane technical reason, I believe. It will be released as v. 3.0 when ready.

Right. So I’m looking at the information on the scrivener website and it specifically mentions that people who purchase scrivener for windows will receive a free update to scrivener 3 for windows when it comes out. My apologies for not clarifying which version I wanted to purchase. So I am trying to figure out if I am still eligible for the free upgrade if I get the windows version with the education discount.

To the best of our knowledge, yes – if you purchase Scrivener for Windows 1.9 with the educational discount today, you should get the free upgrade to Scrivener for Windows 3.x when it releases.

  • A version of Scrivener for Windows 3? Excellent! When will it be coming out? Is there a beta? When will the beta expire? Will a new beta be available before the old beta expires?

I didn’t realize the L&L team was so retro trendy.

  • Sorry, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

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