Question about divider lines in document templates (2.0)

I really like Scrivener, 2.0 rocks! Thanks for a great product. I’m using it to write novels, and I love the document template feature, especially the character sketch. However, in the character sketch template, there are divider lines that go across the page, separating things into sections - I really like this. While I have found that I can cut-and-paste these divider lines, I don’t know how to actually make them. Each line seems to consist of two characters (based on where the cursor is when I arrow over it, and what I need to select to cut-and-paste). Where does this come from? Are there other options (double lines, dashed lines, etc)? Is there a special sequence to type on the keyboard that will cause one of these dividers to appear?


Thanks for the kind words!

You can insert one using Edit > Insert > Horizontal Line. It uses a bit of a trick I learned from Bean, in that it adds a non-breaking space (from the Special Characters palette) and a tab character, with underline set, and a right tab set up in the ruler. After inserting a horizontal line, you can change the underline style - to a dashed one, for instance - by selecting the whole line and then using the Format > Font > Underline menu.

Hope that helps.

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Excellent, thanks!