Question about frequency of license verification


I’m considering buying the Windows version of Scapple, but I have a question about licenses I hope folks here can answer.

The question is, is there periodic verification of the license once it’s installed and activated? My main machine isn’t connected to the Internet, so I avoid software that keeps forcing me to prove I bought it.

I can connect to activate, so that’s not a problem, but being expected to reconnect every few weeks/months is a deal breaker for me.

If someone could confirm/deny the frequency, I would be very grateful


Yeah, you will need an active connection to activate it (and potentially to purchase within the software as well), but after that point you can use it offline.

There are ongoing reports of activation sometimes getting lost and having to reactivate. If that happens you’ll have to get it back online again. This is an unfortunate bug rather than a forced check. We’re working on revamping the system to use a less buggy framework than we were initially provided with, by our vendor.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll play with the demo a bit more, but it looks promising