Question about global search

Find is working for me the way I’d assume it would work.

Project search is also working for me, it finds a list of all documents that contain the word of phrase I’m looking for, and it highlights them within the document, but… it doesn’t actually take me to the first instance of the word and let me go on to the next one… I’m guessing there is some control command combo that will do this for me?

For example, I want to find “black cat” in all documents.

Scrivener finds them, I click on one, and… then what? What am I supposed to type to make it go to the first instance, and what do I type to make it go to the next one and so on?

Just to be clear here I’m using Project search, do I have to quit it and go to the regular find panel to do this or what?


You can think of it as being a bit like searching for e-mail in a program like Outlook, or even Gmail. The initial search will give you a list of items that contain black cats, but if you want to find the precise phrase itself you’ll have to search again using a document level too. When we get a chance, we’d like to enhance this a bit so that the document find tool is automatically populated with the project search string, so you could just hit F3 to jump to the next hit without having to type it in again.

Of course, the matching terms will also be highlight, so sometimes just scrolling quickly through the document will be faster. Whatever works best.