Question about Novel Template

First of all, the novel template is crazy handy. That said, is there a way to somehow make the first line of the folder the chapter name, and the next line the subtitle? Right now, when compiled, the chapter is given a chapter name automatically, and the subtitle is the whatever you named the folder/document/whatever.

I don’t want to just name all my folders the subtitle because I like being able to see what number the chapter is in the binder. Or is there some way to add text to the name of the folder that doesn’t show up when compiled?

Did what I’m getting at make any sense at all? I’m using the newest version, by the way.

EDITED to make my ramblings more clear:

Okay, so right now my BINDER looks like this:
Folder named “ONE”
Scene text
Scene text

When compiled the start of chapter one looks like this:
Chapter One

If I change my binder to look like this:
Folder named “Witty Subtitle”
Scene text
Scene text

The new compiled document reads like this:
Chapter One
Witty Subtitle

What I want is my BINDER to looks like the first version (i.e. to include the chapter number or numeral in some way), but when COMPILED looks like the second (i.e. with the subtitle).

Does that make more sense?

Off the top of my head, you could do this by taking advantage of titles allowing multiple lines. You could name your folder “Chapter one[opt-return]Witty Subtitle” which would leave you just seeing “Chapter one” in the binder and when looking at index cards, though in the Outliner view you’d be able to see the entire multi-line title. When you compile, leave the “title” box ticked for your folders in the formatting pane but select the “title options” button and remove the prefix which adds the “Chapter <$t>” to your folders. Your compiled title will then be exactly what your title is in the binder, including the return character to set the subtitle off from the chapter number.

As in my bad example above, use opt-return to add a line break when typing the document title.

Does that do what you want?

That’s perfect! Thanks so much. :smiley:

In Scrivener 1.x, I think you could call the chapter whatever you liked in the binder and then set a different chapter subtitle for compile.
I can’t see how to do that in 2.0.

I like descriptive titles in binder to help me follow the plot, eg if binder chapter name is:

Boy meets girl under tree - fall in love

I might want the chapter to compile as:

The Tree

Any ideas anyone. Thanks in advance


Hi Stuart,

You can do it exactly the same as in 1.x if you want. Just because the novel template that comes with Scrivener does it differently, it doesn’t mean that you can’t set it up to work the old way - you can. Just use the text area of the chapter folders for the subtitles (as the template did in 1.x) and tweak the compile format accordingly, to include folder text instead of the title in the “Formatting” pane.

All the best,

Thanks for your quick response Keith - should’ve known you hadn’t ditched this feature!
And thanks again for Scrivener - don’t know how I would manage without it.