Question about using "Import and Split..." for importing screenplays

Hi. I’m wondering if it’s possible to import a screenplay and automatically split the screenplay into multiple documents in the binder, so that each scene is its own document.

In order to split the screenplay fully, Scrivener needs to split using the separators “INT.” and “EXT.” Is it possible to tell Scrivener to split using two criteria like that? If so, what is the syntax I need to use in the “Sections are separated by” field? I couldn’t figure it out.


It depends what format the screenplay is in now, I think. For example, if it’s in the plain text fountain format, then there’s an option to split at scene. If it’s in either markdown or docx, there are options to split at a certain level of heading. (The options change when you click on the document you’ll import, depending on the extension.)

So, for example, if you have a Word document which uses styles to mark the scenes (e.g. Scenes are Heading 1) then you’d simply do File > Import and Split, select the document, and the options will give you "Split using the document’s outline structure’: ie. a new document for each scene.

If your Word document doesn’t already have that structure, then you can still make it work. Easiest way is do it that I know is to search in Word for INT. and replace it with something like @@INT.. Then do the same with EXT.: (-> @@EXT.).

Finally, import and split the document using the option “Split into sections by finding separators in the text” → @@ (without the words INT or EXT). That should turn each scene into its own Binder document, with the scene heading as the document title (without the @@, of course).


Brookter, thanks. I hadn’t noticed that when I select a Fountain file, Scrivener gives me the option of splitting into scenes. That’s useful.

However, I like to write in Fountain, but without the automatic formatting. I find it’s simpler that way. I wish I could import the Fountain screenplay but have it displayed without the formatting.

When I mean I like to write without formatting, I mean like this:


John walks in the room.

How it’s going?

I prefer to then import my script into Highland, which then formats the script for me,

But maybe I can create my own Screenplay Format based on the formatting example above. Or is there a quicker/simpler way to do it?

Me again. I realized I can turn off Script mode and then apply a simple Style to the imported documents in scrivenings mode. The only issue is that when a Fountain document is imported into Scrivener there are no blank paragraphs between elements. So, when I apply the Style, the paragraphs aren’t separated by blank lines.

I forgot to mention before: I had thought of using “@@” as well as a workaround. I may try that.

If you change the extension of the Fountain file from .fountain to .txt, Scrivener will treat it like a standard plain-text file on import and won’t adjust the formatting. With this format, you can first use the trick brookter suggested of running a find/replace on the Fountain/.txt file (or a copy of it) to add a marker before every INT./EXT. which you can then use as the section separator for the split.

MimeticMouton, makes sense. Highland can also export a script as .txt, but I think I’ll have to do the trick Brookter and you recommended to get the scenes into Scrivener the way I want.