Question about Writing History pane

Hello everyone,
I have a project that I opened using the “Manuscript” template. My manuscript includes folders for Chapters, with scenes within each. Sometimes when I write new material in these scene documents, the word count shows up in the “Draft” column of the Writing History window. But other times, it shows up listed in the “Other” column, even though all my chapters and scenes are within the “Manuscript” tab. Any idea of why this would be? I assumed that new material in the “Characters,” “Places,” “Frontmattter” “Notes,” and Research" tabs would show up under “Other,” but I’m puzzled about why some of my scene word counts are showing up there, too.

Any explanations/suggestions for how to fix would be appreciated!


I would double-check to make sure they really are in the right place. A good way to do so is to click on the top level Draft folder and switch Corkboard mode on. That will show only first level items nested within it, so you can easily see if any of the chapter folders are missing.

Something you can do to keep a closer eye on it is go to Project ▸ Project Targets and set a session target. It doesn’t have to be anything special, but doing that activates a progress bar in the main toolbar, under the Quick Search tool. You should be able to watch this increment as you write, and thus get an early warning if what you’re doing doesn’t seem to be impacting the progress bar.

Note if you already use that feature, make sure the “Session Target” options has Count text written anywhere in the project disabled.