[Question] Export to old file format coming?

I’d like to work on an existing project with the beta but I’m wary to do so because I cannot see an option to export to the old Scriv file format. Will one be coming? I’d like4 to give the beta a proper test. An export to older scriv format is a must for me as I use an older Mac that can only run Scrivener 2.x

Thank you for your help.

Hi Stacey, No, this is not planned. You’ll do better to keep your project in 1.9,7 and just play with some test projects in the 3.0 beta. You can always make an upgrade copy of the project to mess around with, keeping your real working version in 1.x. Just be sure to give them distinct names to avoid confusion! :slight_smile:

Does this mean I won’t be able to work between Mac 2.0 and Windows 3.0 then? I feel like crying! My Mac cannot be upgraded to 3.0. I basically bought my Mac to work with Scrivener on the go. Please reconsider this decision. I need my Mac Scriv 2.0 and Win 3.0 to talk to each other. Being able to export to 2.0 file format would solve this issue.

Please, please, reconsider this decision! What am I supposed to do! I need Mac 2.0 and Win 3.0 to be able to talk to each other via export. And no, before you say it, I cannot upgrade my Mac any further, or get a new one!

Please help me resolve this issue!!!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of overhead in trying to convert back to the older 1.x/2.x project format, as there are many significant changes, even more so moving from 1.x on Windows to 3.0 (compared to macOS’s move from 2 to 3). On top of the file format changes, many of the overhauled features would be lost in translation–compile, for instance, is so changed that none of its settings could carry over.

I do get the dilemma of having an older system that can’t upgrade, and I’m sorry to have to disappoint. :confused: This is definitely not in the plans, however, and even if it were something we could consider, it wouldn’t be until after 3.0 were released. So you’ll want to stick with Windows 1.x for your cross-platform projects.

Perhaps try using the folder sync instead?
This will export all files of your project as simple txt files (or rtf if you prefer) and can be imported via sync in the other project.
I do so in 1.9 between desktop PC and mobile phone with no Mac or iOS involved. So there is no reason why this should not work between Scrivener 2.x for Mac and Scrivener 3.x for Windows.
You just have to create two projects with according settings and use the same sync folder.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was always told only use sync with either a Windows project or Mac project. Folder sync is not designed to sync between projects, just devices.

Since the export for sync are only txt files and these are very much alike on each platform, I guess, this should work.
Why don’t you try it with a test project?

Thanks again for the suggestion but I get the following error message when I try and do that. Like I said, folder sync is not designed to sync two projects. I wish it was. sigh

As far as I remember, this is only a warning. You can use the folder anyways.
Just remember, that this will NOT sync your project (IE Presets, Templates, Options …) but only the text files.
If you are aware of that, I see no reason why it should not work. Scrivener should not bother, if the txt file is made by a Text Editor or by Scrivener.
Just make sure that you sync and CLOSE one project before opening the other.
If you have the sync folder in the Cloud (IE Dropbox), it will even warn you if there is a conflict and will keep both versions.
But I admit, I never tried so far, I use it only between Scrivener and Jotterpad on my mobile phone

Sorry to dash cold water on this, but no, the sync with external folder feature is not intended to sync two Scrivener projects, and attempting to do so will cause problems. This is even more true when you’re talking about going between a 1.x and 3,0 project, as they don’t use the same ID labels for the files in the external folders. So while this could be a solution to work cross-platform using a different application on one of them, Word or such, it’s not an option for working on a project between Scrivener versions.