Question for Final Draft 8 and Scrivener Users

I own Final Draft 8 and of course use Scrivener. Question, can I simply do everything in Scrivener including write my screenplay and then at the end just export and convert my final draft to Final Draft 8 so everything is perfectly formatted?

Also, I know I can easily check this out and will but since I’m here…when writing in Scrivener script mode does it show me page numbers and would these page numbers be the same as when it’s converted to FD 8? As a screenwriter page numbers and where you are at in your screenplay is very important.

Thank you for all your help.


Recently I did just that, to adapt novel into screenplay.
Drafted the screenplay in Scrivener, exported to Final Draft 8.
FD 8 helped me clean up many formatting errors.
And the Navigator showed inconsistencies in scene headings
It’s also a nice editor: drag-and-drop shows the word/phrase you’re moving.
For Scriv page numbers use View: Statistics: Project Statistics: Screenplay
Should be quite close to the page count in FD 8.
To share drafts with others, I saved as PDFs and e-mailed.
They made a list of suggestions/revisions; I edited the FD 8 file.
The file I have submitted was PDF.

My question is let’s say I’m in the middle of page 12, is there a way to see that I’m in the middle of page 12 or do I have to go through - View: Statistics: Project Statistics: Screenplay to check where I would be at page wise?

Question two - when you are writing in screenplay mode in Scrivener is that similar in look to working in FD8 when writing the screenplay?

If the above questions work for me when answered it sounds like everyone should be using Scrivener. FD8 has some nice tools for organizing but not nearly as strong as Scrivener. If all you need to do is compile and export when done and FD8 formats perfectly then I will use Scrivener for everything and do just that. Now FD8 also does split panels so you can read your outline while you work on the script side by side. But obviously you can’t use corkboard in Scrivener and do panels interfaced with FD8. That’s why I’m trying to decide which one to work with. If all that is needed is the simple compile/export at the end then I consider Scrivener basically good for everything.

I’m working on my third screenplay now.
So I may be green, but I don’t understand the worries about page numbers.
Am I in the middle or bottom of pg 12 just doesn’t occur to me.
Am I in the 3rd or 6th scene, yes, that’s important.
Or the 4th or 5th part; and I can tell that easily.
I know that one page = one minute of screen time.
But as I say below, the Statistics will report that.
Anyway, 2.0 will simulate page views.
So hang on.
And I think you’ll need both Scriv as well as FD 8.
Since most agents/studios want the .fdx files.

Definitely need FD8 for submissions and proper formatting. But, being on your third screenplay how do you write a scene and pace out your story without knowing what page you are on. Pages is a crucial part and an integral part of writing a screenplay. How do you gauge where you are in the story so that it is paced correctly? For instance your first act should end around l8-28 etc. and if not your structure will be horribly off and then your story will be a mess. If your first act has six scenes that means on average a scene will be three pages. BUT, without knowing page numbers you would be able to pace that out. Over the course of a full story you would find yourself lost, no?

I’m curious about 2.0 and statistics. Are you saying that if I’ve written a while (no way to say how long because I don’t know the pages) I can check the statistics and that will give me an approximate page count? That would still be a serious problem for a professional screenwriter. A scene that runs too long can kill a story. If it’s just a hobby then no worries. But if it’s not, your story will be in trouble and you a faulty structured script is the easiest to spot. Take it from a professional on the business side although I’ve had a script optioned and did well in the Nicholl Fellowships. I’d love to know how you write without knowing pages? Again, I’m looking to use Scrivener because I love the program and the only thing that kills the whole deal is page numbers. A screenwriter cannot live without know that info as they write.

I’m not writing to script formulas.
All of my scripts adapt literary works, either stories or novels.
So I follow their structures, mostly.
It’s more like translation, changing long-form prose to shots, action, dialogue.
When I move to FD 8, the page count is usually around 115 or so.
Then I condense until it gets to around 102.
Same thing has happened on two novels: drafts are 300 pages.
And I haven’t even learned how to set targets in Scrivener.
Maybe it comes from years of writing lectures.
Whether 3 pages or 10, they always fill exactly 50 minutes.

About 2.0, check the forum for much discussion of page layout.
That will be a feature, long requested, especially by screen writers.
Congrats on the option and the Nicholl; well done!

You’re a better man (or woman) than I! Sounds good to me. If it works for you then keep at it!
Now I can’t wait to see 2.0. I checked out the forum and it sounds promising. But until then I will have to start my next project just using FD8 since I cannot write without a page count.

Best of luck with everything and nice chatting.