[Question] How do styles work in this version?

I make extensive use of script settings in S1.9. Can I get S3 to recognise these as styles?

I notice that Format/Styles/Import Styles expects to find an .xml file. Is there some info on what should be the structure of this?

I found this review thorough and very helpful though I still have questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeYbSdIwwTY

Thanks. There is useful info here.

I was hoping there might something a little more formal explaining the .xml syntax that the program expects.

That video would be too broad for you. I am not sure if Literature and Latte’s youtube channel has anything on the topic. I saw that they have about 20+ videos on Scrivener 3.

I don’t see anything there specifically about styles.

Any help with this from the L&L crew? How do you edit / import styles?

Sorry for the late response on this. The Import Styles features is to import styles from other Scrivener projects, but this isn’t implemented yet on Windows. Ultimately this will work by selecting the Scrivener project whose styles you want to add to the current project.

Editing a style works similarly to editing formatting presets in 1.9.7: Format the text as you want it in the editor, select it, and go to Format > Style > Redefine Style From Selection to choose the style you want to update. The redefine style dialog will open allowing you to make further refinements (e.g. change the shortcut, change the next style, include or exclude the font family and font size). Character styles can only be redefined as character styles; paragraph or paragraph+character styles can be redefined as either paragraph type.

Thank You explanation worked well.