Question re: customising inline comments


When we make an inline comment on the editor area, the selected area becomes yellowish (kind of highlighted) and with blue text underlined. Is there a way to customise these inline comments appearance?

Actually, these are Inspector (or “linked” comments), Clicking the link reveals the comment in the Inspector. An inline comment has a rounded box around it and contains the entire text of the comment–no link.

But as to your question: you can adjust the colour by crtl-clicking on the comment in the Inspector, and changing it there. You can also change its font. But the box will always have square corners and the link will look like a link.

Hope this helps!

It does. Thank you.

And may I also ask if there’s a way to change the link text color? (In this case the one in blue.)

I apologise for taking so long to get back to you on this!

You can customise the colour of links in the editor in Preferences > Appearance > Textual Marks > Links. Please note that this changes the colour of ALL links in the editor. There is no way to separately control comment link colour.

If I might ask, what are you trying to do here? If it’s just to control editor appearance, these techniques will work. But they won’t have much effect on compiled output, just so you know.

Thanks for you answer.

The reason I asked is merely cosmetic. Since I write long academic texts with bibliography citations and several notes to myself (using the comments), I’d like to have the better interface possible (with no distractions). Taking out the back color of the comments in the text helps a lot. Making the square lines around it less obvious would be great (alas, cannot be done). And I might want to change the link color as well.

Go for it! I use strange monospaced fonts and customise my screen colours extensively to make my writing more productive. Glad to be of help.