question to binder icons

Here comes a question out of curiosity.

The icons of the files in the binder can look three different ways -

  1. like an empty sheet of paper (if there is no content at all)
  2. like a sheet of paper displaying text (if there is text content in the file - regardless if there is also content in the synopsis or not)
  3. like an index card (if there is content in the synopsis, but not in the file)
    I hope I am right at least this far…

It happens regularly however, that the icons change as soon as they are selected.
For example an icon looks like an idex card and a soon as I select it in the binder it changes to a sheet of paper. Like this:

note the difference in the “Spie”- icon

Or I have an icon that looks like a sheet of paper with text on it and on selection it becomes blank. This happens also if I just move the cursor over the icons slowly. Like this:

should this tell me something?

and another question. What is the difference between an icon with and one without a folded top right corner?

I desperately searched the manual but didn’t find an explanation of the icons. If there is a legend to the icons somewhere maybe you could just post me a link.

Thanks for clarification

We need to put this in the FAQ, but for now this post should explain things. I think the only one missing is the snapshot version of each, which has the top right corner turned down, as they do in your first image–this just means the document has one or more snapshots.

Also, documents in script mode will look like a yellow sheet of paper with three hole punches down the left side, that’s not pictured.

As for them changing just on selection, that sounds like a bug to do with the indexes not refreshing properly, so once that’s fixed then the icons should only change when you do something to the document–e.g. if you start with a blank document and then give it a synopsis, it will change from the blank sheet to the index card. If you then write in the main document text, the icon will switch to the sheet of paper with scribbling on it (I mean, masterful prose on it), and then if you take a snapshot that icon will get dog-eared. When the index doesn’t refresh right, it remembers an older state of the document until you select it and force it to see the current state, even though that may be something you did last time you worked in the project that it should’ve already known.

Oh great, thanks Jennifer!
I’m kind of relieved, it’s a bug. The icons have been behaving like this, eversince I started in the beta, but I always tried to find out the reason behind this by observing it - thought I was the one too stupid to understand its meaning :mrgreen: .

Have a nice weekend.