Question to the coming writing app

A quick question about the new app, which is currently in the beta phase. From the announcement I read that it is minimalistic and only has a research folder in addition to the manuscript folder. However, my book projects also include covers and illustrations. Will it be possible to store graphics in a directory in the binder of the new app and link them to the manuscript?

We have no further comment on the application at this time.

Okay. :cry: I thought this was just a basic question.

For procedural questions like this, it’ll be best to wait until there is a 30-day demo, and you can then see if what is being offered will work for you, or up closer to when everything is done and we’re posting teasers on the blog.

The challenge with talking about very specific capabilities (like linking images from an outline into a text) is that such things can change in the early phases. To speak hypothetically, perhaps such a thing works right now, but then later it is decided that it is adding too much complexity, and so it is removed. Then you are disappointed and feel like we’ve lead you on, if we said positively early on that you can.


Amber, thank you for your reply.
I understand your point and look forward to the new app once it becomes available.

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Or, again hypothetically, perhaps a version of the thing is there, but does not include the specific capabilities that you envisioned. So, again, you are disappointed. And we can’t figure out exactly what your vision is without going into more detail than we want.

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Hello Ken,

no, this has nothing to do with disappointment. I’ve been using Scrivener for years and have never been disappointed. I read your announcement carefully and find it all very exciting, especially the iCloud sync capability. Of course, as an author, I work with illustrations. In Scrivener, I currently have around 200 covers and illustrations in my series project file and saw no reference to the graphics capability in the announcement. That’s why I asked. But again, I understand your point and as soon as the new writing app is released, there’s still time to see if it works for my writing projects. It’s not long until then and I’m already excited.
Thanks again for your reply.
Kind regards,

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I just have to ask… who is this Ken? :thinking: (Yes, I’m that stupid, I can’t figure it out, sorry.)

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Take it as a typo. Sorry for that.

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