Question With Compiling Manuscript Template

I was testing a new project using the Fiction (parts) template and was looking at the instructions to modify some of the settings. I came across the following:

Unless I’m blind, are these settings not implemented yet? I could not find any such title options in 2.1 in the compile → formatting pane. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Don’t take the templates too seriously yet. These have yet to be integrated with the Windows version, and may still contain some Mac instructions like the above.

Ok, that’s good to hear. I knew that beta 2.1 was supposed to be feature complete so I was more concerned amount the apparent missing elements from the compile function.

It’s feature-complete in the sense that the focus is now on bug swatting rather than adding new features. It’s not feature-complete in the sense that this is it. It’s a temporary breather. Post launch, progress will continue to be made to bring the Windows feature set up to the Mac level. We just had to draw the line at some point, and this is a good line we have now, as pretty much every essential feature from the original version is now integrated (not to mention quite a few from the new version), a version which was in production use for a little over half a decade. So I think it’s a good place to stop sprinting for a bit. :slight_smile:

I understand the feature complete being set for anything new, but I’m still curious about these compile options. It seems that the override settings will be very limited based on these options being missing unless I am missing where they are. For instance, if there is no options to adjust these different titles, how do you compile in a submission ready format? Seems that a lost of post processing work will have to be done in a word processor unless I am just missing something.