Questions about Compiling on Mac

I am having trouble formatting the compile for print for my manuscript. Is there a way to change how many words per page there are when you compile?

Additionally, I have a space break symbol that does not appear bigger than the font in the compile format.

I am not sure if these changes are possible, but I could not find information on it anywhere, so I thought to ask! Thanks.

The number of words per page depends on the page size, the font, the line spacing, and the margins. Yes, you can change all of those things via the Compile command. You cannot, however, arbitrarily define a number of words per page.

Could you elaborate on what you’re doing with the space break symbol? Is it a typographic symbol, like ‘#’, or an image that you want to add?

I think I figured it out. Are you able to change the font/ text size of the body text? If so, how?

Yes. Someone may jump in with details but all these details in the Scrivener Manual. By chance have you gone through the Tutorial which also explains compiling and making these format settings. If not good to review.